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2019 Park-n-Shine

2019 Graffiti Week
Park'n'Shine Car Show
Event Listing
(All Car Shows listed below are "free" entry shows)

Monday, June 3rd
Century Center Shopping Center
2401 E. Orangeburg Ave
Modesto, California
Showtime:  5pm - 8pm

Participants are welcome to begin arriving at 3pm to stage their cars in the center parking lots. Car Show Participants are to ENTER AT ORANGEBURG DRIVEWAY ONLY!!.The first lot (located in front of the old Raley's Supermarket) will be filled first, and then the second lot (in front of Ridgeways) will be filled until lot capacity is reached.  All parking will be supervised by members of the Mid Valley Chevy Club, with all cars backed into marked parking areas, within the striped boundaries of each parking spot, and all Handicapped areas are to filled by handicapped designated vehicles only.  All participants must obey shopping center rules of: 1.) no loud music  or sirens  2.) no exhibition of  speed  3.) no handbill solicitation or posting 4.)  All trash and debris must be removed and cleaned up by participants.  

Tuesday, June 4th
Vintage Faire Mall
3401 Dale Rd.
Modesto, Ca
Showtime:  5pm- 8pm

Participants are welcome to begin parking their vehicles at 3pm.  This is a "self park" show whereby all participants may select their own parking space and save spaces for other participants or car club members.  Normal car show rules apply as follows:  1.) vehicles are to be backed into parking spaces within designated lines facing the traffic flow aisle.  2.) There is to be no loud music, sirens, or other noisemakers  3.) All traffic laws and parking laws apply, ie., speed limits, handicapped parking areas, and absolutely no exhibition of speed allowed.  4.) No alcoholic beverages are allowed.   The above rules/laws will be enforced by Mall Security and M.P.D.   All participants are to police their own area and remove all trash and debris before leaving the show at 8pm.

Wednesday, June 5th
Downtown Modesto
10th Street Plaza Celebration
"Graffiti Walk of Fame"
Modesto, Ca.
Showtime:  5pm- 8pm

Participants may begin parking their vehicles at 1pm by entering the parking lot staging area located on 11th Street between "K' and "L" Streets. (Entry to that lot is closer to "L" Street) The staging of all participant vehicles will begin at 3pm from this parking lot, escorted by golf cart to the beginning parking area along the show route of 10th St., "I" Street, "J" Street, and 11th Street.  There is to be no other entry point to the show other than the location of 11th and 'K" Street.  The staging of the show route will continue until 5 or 6pm,  or until all spaces are filled within the designated space allowed by the City of Modesto.  There will be no entry by any participants following the officlal closing once capacity has been reached.  Participants are encouraged to remain parked until the end of the event at 8pm.  However, if early exit is required, you are asked to take caution for both other vehicles and pedestrian traffic upon exit to the closest open street adjacent to your parking spot.  Again, please observe all traffic laws and conduct your self in a professional manner upon leaving the event.

Cool Hand Luke's Restaurant
2505 Patterson Rd.
Riverbank, Ca.
Showtime:  5pm - 8pm

Participants should enter the theater entrance and turn left toward the parking lot of Cool Hand Luke's Restaurant.  (The smaller drive located next to the restaurant on Patterson Rd. is a one-way EXIT...not an entrance).   Staging for the car show will begin at 3pm and continue until the lot reaches capacity or until 5pm.  This show is a "self-park" whereby all participants can choose any designated parking spot providing their vehicle is backed into the designated space, and the vehicle is kept within the boundary line of the space.  Easy ups are only permitted whereby it does not interfere with another's parking spot or encroach on another parking space.  There are plenty of restaurants and fast food locations within close proximity of the car show area.  Again, all participants are asked to keep music at low levels, no sirens or horns, no exhibition of speed, and above all, no alcoholic beverages are allowed.

The Mid Valley Chevy Club is pleased to bring you these events as a warm up to a great Graffiti Festival parade and car show.  These are all free shows to all entrants wishing to show their "pride and joy" vehicles among other car enthusiasts.  Please enjoy each of these shows and please respect the wishes of others by conducting yourselves in an adult and professional manner.

Thank you!!
Mid Valley Chevy Club

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