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Mid Valley Chevy Club
Membership Process

The Mid Valley Chevy Club is open to all applicants meeting the qualifications requirements.  Membership is granted to any classic car hobbyist within certain qualifying parameters.  First, the car must be of a classic nature that one would find in the Graffiti years era, ranging from hot rods from the 20' through 40's, classic cars of all makes during the 60's through 80's era, and some classic production models dating pre 1994 (25 years or older) that represent the muscle car era of cruising.  Our club embraces the classic look with custom modifications mechanically and appearance wise that blends with the cruising era.  And we accept models other than Chevy!!!

The most important attribute of any club applicant is participation.  We encourage all our members to support Club functions including monthly meetings, car shows, tours and outings, and participating in committees to help with car show set up and take down, organization of events, and serving terms in various positions on the Club Executive Board.  The more you participate, the more enjoyment you will receive from your efforts.

In order to join, you must first obtain a Club Sponsor.  You may obtain a Sponsor in one of two ways. First, search the members list of our Club Members on this site, and see if there is anyone you recognize. Simply contact them and arrange for them to bring you to a Club Meeting, or if  you don't recognize, simply inquire through the "Contact Us" tab on the homepage of the website, and we will assign someone to contact you and arrange for you to attend a Club Meeting.   Once you have attended two meetings, decided you would like to join, and have obtained a permanent Sponsor, simply fill out an application, have your Sponsor sign it, and bring it along with your sponsor and your $60 annual membership fee to the next Club meeting.  Once the Club Executive Board has approved your car and application, you will be welcomed to the Mid Valley Chevy Club.  That's all there is to it!!

In summary, here are the steps for becoming a member:
  1. Inquire or contact a club member for Sponsorship
  2. Attend 2 meetings with your Sponsor
  3. Print your Club application from this website, or contact a club member to obtain
  4. Complete the application and submit $60 membership fee for Board approval
  5. Once approved, you will receive a membership packet and welcomed to the club

We hope you will consider joining our Club, and take advantage of the many shows, events, and tours the Club has to offer, plus have access to the vast knowledge our club members possess to help you with your current or next classic car project.

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